The CAST is an online oral proficiency assessment designed to measure oral performance in a variety of languages at the intermediate and advanced levels. Feedback is aligned with ACTFL and ILR oral proficiency guidelines.

Feedback on the CAST test is intended to provide the test taker with an informal, advisory estimate of likely performance on an official ACTFL or ILR Oral Proficiency Interview.
How much does a CAST test cost?
Currently, the CAST is free for language teachers to administer to their own students. Contact us for a registration code and further instructions.
How long does it take?
Tests take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete, but as there is no time limit and the length of each individual test is entirely dependent on the verbosity of the test taker. We encourage test takers to talk as much as possible in response to the given prompts in order to allow for the most accurate rating.
What are the requirements?
  • A modern browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Adobe Flash Player 9+
  • A microphone or headset.

The CAST is currently available in the following languages:
Advanced Intermediate
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